About us


             Resort-Amenities is a private capital company, whose main economic activity is the supply of products, accessories and services for setting up and equipping your hotel, pension or clinic. It takes two to build a bridge; this is why we support you at every step you take. Resort-Amenities brings you the highest-quality hotel products, ideas and solutions for your pension or clinic.

            The quality of the services offered is important both for us and for you, that is why it is of utmost importance to raise hygiene and comfort standards in the housing spaces. Nothing is left to chance and we don’t cut corners.

            Our team is made up of responsible, professional people, capable of meeting the highest and most demanding standards. As we have experience in the field, we reached the tip of the evolution process, and our services can be easily adapted to any demand. The team of professionals of our team offers high-quality services, being ready to meet any problem and overcome any obstacle, taking into account the faultless professional training they benefit from.

            The objectives of our company meet the elements that guide us in our activity: responsibility, professionalism, promptness and efficiency. Therefore, we want to bring you optimal, tailor-made solutions, adapted to your company’s needs. In addition, our company will always be a step ahead and provide the newest and the best existing solutions.

            Our company’s mission is to provide hotel services that will develop your business, streamline processes and reduce efforts and costs. In addition, our objective is to develop a long-lasting collaboration with our partner companies, one that is based on trust and commitment.