Terms and Conditions

The use of our online store means the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, hence it is recommended to read them carefully. www.resort-amenities.com takes the right to change them without any prior notice.

Your registration duties

In using the service, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself. If we consider this obligation has not been met, we take the right to block access, for a limited or unlimited period of time, to using the service, without prior notice.

Personal Data Security

The personal data entered by the Buyer shall be used by www.resort-amenities.com only for the purpose declared of this website. We undertake not to make public nor sell the databases containing information about the personal information of the users.

Limitation of liability for products and services

The products and services are offered in the form they are received from the manufacturers/distributors and also within the available stock. Our company does not offer any express or implicit guarantee for the products deteriorated during the transportation or at a later time. The images published on the site are for PRESENTATION PURPOSES only, and the products delivered can sometimes be different from the images presented (colours, accessories, aspect, etc.). www.resort-amenities.com takes the right to change the technical specifications of the products without prior notice. The site content (texts, product description, technical features, images, symbols, etc.) is created in cooperation with the representatives of those brands. For this reason, we do not take responsibility for the descriptions of the products presented on our website, as they are identical to those made available by the representatives of each brand. Any information and element presented on our website, such as images, descriptions, texts, graphics, software, scripts, WEB graphic elements and database are the property of www.resort-amenities.com and are covered by the legislation regarding copyright and additional rights. We do not provide any warranty that the service will be appropriate for your requirements or that the service will be safe and error-free. The service can be suspended by the administrators at any time without prior notice. You are directly responsible for any activity and/or content displayed in the store.

Limitation of liability for prices

The prices displayed include VAT (19%), but they do not include delivery costs, unless the website expressly provides otherwise. The purchase price printed on the invoice shall match that on the website when confirming the order as firm order. There is no minimum order price limit.

Limitation of liability for delivery

The product delivery has a national and international coverage area, hence it can be performed in any EU-approved country. www.resort-amenities.com takes the right to confirm orders before delivering them by contacting the clients. Depending on the value and quantity of the order, the price of the product delivery will also be established. The product delivery will be free on the territory of Germany only for the orders that exceed the value of EUR 10,000 (VAT included) and anywhere in Europe for over EUR 15,000 (VAT included). www.resort-amenities.com takes the right to delay or cancel the delivery of the ordered products if they cannot be delivered for independent reasons, e.g. fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, government actions, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, rebellions, civil unrest or other events of Force Majeure. If the client cannot be found at the indicated address, at the time set by common agreement, the carrier will return once more after having re-established contact with the client. Afterwards, the order will be cancelled and the product will be returned to the headquarters, and the client will bear the costs of the new delivery, regardless of the value of the ordered products.

Limitation of liability for payment

The payment of the products ordered according to this Customer Agreement can be made when completing the order. www.resort-amenities.com takes the right to request the advance payment of the products in certain cases. The advance payment can be made by payment order; the proof of payment needs to be sent to www.resort-amenities.com at the e-mail address office@resort-amenities.com. The delivery will be completed only after receipt of the money in the account www.resort-amenities.com, at a later time. In this case, www.resort-amenities.com will request the electronic payment processor the confirmation of the transaction security and validity and, in addition, shall make additional verifications, where applicable, before delivering the products. The ordered products need to be paid in full, otherwise the delivery will not be completed.

Limitation of liability for users’ comments

The users that visit the website can make comments about it and the products, which will be published on the site or on the Facebook account after prior approval. www.resort-amenities.com takes the right not the publish illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory comments that trouble in any way the private life of other people, breach the intellectual property rights, contain viruses, texts aiming at various promotion companies, letters, mass e-mails or any type of spam. www.resort-amenities.com shall not be held liable for and shall not have to pay any compensation for any type of damages produced via these comments or communications. In case of sending materials/documents, other than those related to the product purchase/sale process, the user provides our company and its affiliates/shareholders the non-exclusive, unlimited, free, irrevocable and re-transmittable right to use, reproduce, change, adapt, publish, translate, as well as distribute it anywhere in the world, by any means. The user guarantees that he/she has all the rights on the content that he/she sends to be published on the website, via any other means, so that, by using this content, he/she does not cause prejudice to any person. www.resort-amenities.com does not take any responsibility for the potential damages caused by the use of the content of these comments by the website users, as they are offered under the same limitation of liability as the rest of the website content. Limitation of liability for links to other websites, severs, browsers. The www.resort-amenities.com website is hosted by third-party company servers. Our company cannot be held responsible for the potential errors occurred on the website, regardless of the reasons for their occurrence, including website changes, settings or updates. www.resort-amenities.com cannot be held responsible for the errors occurred because of using certain browsers for visiting our website.

Product return policy.

The Client has the right to notify www.resort-amenities.com in writing about his/her intention to cancel the purchase, without penalties or the need of providing a reason, within 5 business days following the product receipt, by returning the purchased product in its original packaging within the above-mentioned deadline, with all its accessories and without any trace of deterioration or damage, the client bearing the full costs of return. For any such request or notification, you will have to send us an e-mail at the address office@resort-amenities.com. If another product than the one ordered was sent to you, you can return it. We will bear all the transportation costs and we will send you the requested product as soon as we receive that request. Non-acceptance from the carrier, the repeated absence at the indicated/agreed delivery address or the non-pick-up of a package corresponding to a firm order shall lead to the refusal of subsequent orders and to the initiation of endeavours to recover the damages brought to our store.


- We do not receive payment due by return. We do not receive returns by mail, only by carrier companies

- The products in the “OFFER” category cannot be returned!

Litigation and final provisions

Any problem caused by the products and services presented on www.resort-amenities.com or by the information presented on this website, which is not already treated by any article in the present document, shall be amiably settled within 14 business days following the date of the notification in writing of the problems, by the user. If the conflict cannot be settled amiably, the matter shall be addressed to competent courts, the parties choosing the competent courts within their residence. The Client undertakes these risks entirely as soon as he/she gives his/her consent in relation to this Customer Agreement.